“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”

Robert M. Hutchins


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Maiden Voyage

February 4th, 2011

Skyer Law Maiden VoyageThis is my maiden voyage – my first blog.   Many of you already know me, you’ve found your way into my offices and we’ve met and talked about your favorite topic – your child.  Even if we haven’t met in person, I understand you and know what keeps you up at night, the thoughts that rumble around in your head – that haunting overarching question of, “Will my child be ok?”

My career which spans 38 years, first as a social worker and then as an attorney, has always been about helping special needs children reach their potential – whatever that might be.  For nearly four decades, parents have been asking me critical questions about how to find the best possible evaluators, providers, teachers, tutors, therapists, schools and programs for their children.  Since I started my law practice in 1992 the question of legal rights, entitlements and how to get a school district to fund private school placements has been paramount in the concerns that I address.

Keeping these concerns and questions in mind, I will post a blog entry on a topic or issue related to special education in New York City, on a weekly basis.   I anticipate that my blogs will trigger questions from readers and I’ll try my best to answer these either individually or by writing a blog entry about a frequently asked question.  If you send me a question which I decide to use I will carefully remove any identifying features.  I hope you will understand, what I won’t do is give formal legal advice about any specific problem.  I will share my experience, resources, opinions and insights based on my professional experience.  For parents who need specific legal advice I can only provide this in a private consultation meeting.  I do these meetings in person in my NYC office or by Skype or telephone.

In addition to the specific information that I will provide, I’ll also speak from my heart and give you some of what I call my old fashioned common sense and kitchen wisdom.   Much of my perspective comes from raising my own children and from caring for hundreds of youngsters for 36 summers when I was the director of a special needs sleep-away camp.  As early as 1982 I published my first book called “What Do You Do After High School ?– the Nationwide Guide to Programs for Learning Disabled.”  This book was written and published in pre-internet days,  and the difficulty in researching and finding programs was enormous.  Fortunately this has changed as the world has become a virtual village.  Recently I began a consulting practice in London where I meet with families from all over the world, in search of the right services for their children.

School districts claim that all that they are required to provide is an education that is “merely appropriate.”  Although this is the correct legal standard, it is my belief that as parents and advocates our job to do far more.  Our firm works to assure that each child we represent receives an education that provides a foundation and benefit, enabling him or her to be the best that they can be.

So let’s get started…