"Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is, not a preparation for life; education is life itself."

John Dewey



Dear Abbie,
Thanks so much from Larry and myself for helping us through this process. When we first heard that Regina wasn’t available we were concerned. But you really shepherded us through every step of the way, making yourself totally available to us and making sure everything was in place. It really is the best decision for our family.
With much gratitude,
Dianne and Larry

Dear Diana,
Thank you for your incredibly thorough and thoughtful preparation for our son’s Impartial Hearing over these months, culminating in your preparing me to testify yesterday. We deeply appreciate it.
M & R

Hi Greg

I just wanted to tell you how well nicky is doing at Lowell. The transformation is amazing. His is getting C+ and B’s on his report card and he is actually picking up books on his own and reading, not novels but still reading. He loves going to school everyday.

It just proves with the right environment and positive reinforcement every child has the ability to learn.

I cant express the gratitude I a have to you and Regina and everyone else who made this dream a reality for us.

Thank you again. Jenn

Hi Regina – hope this finds you well and enjoying the summer. Wanted to thank you for assigning Greg Cangiano to my case.  As he might have told you, I found out last week that E was approved for funding at Churchill, and I just had the securement meeting by phone with CSE an hour ago.  Throughout this process, Greg has been an invaluable coach and guide, incredibly responsive and helpful, and a real partner.  He’s an absolute gem – and an absolute pleasure to work with.  I couldn’t have asked for more.   My sincere thanks to you all. Best, Brenda

Hi Regina,

First of all thank you for the great help you and your team provided. With both your guidance and support, our daughter is at Parkside right now. She is happy there, and you were right, it is a great fit for her.

I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine who has a son who is experiencing difficulties, and may be looking at making a non-DOE placement in the near future, or confronting the DOE to find the appropriate supportive environment for her son.

I will let her speak to the details more, but I let her know that you were the single most helpful individual in helping us find the right solution for our daughter. And I thank you for that!
Be well, Stacey

Hi Regina,
First let me tell you how thrilled I am, and I know that I speak for G. as well, with the settlement from the Board of Education. VERY THRILLED!!!!

Thank you for all the work that you and your firm has done to get to this point.

Also, I would like to let you know that I work with attorneys often and rate you VERY high on my list for customer service. I only wish that I could get the same treatment from all of my legal advisors. We have felt all the way through this process, that you were always by our side and on our side. You always responded quickly to answer any questions and even broke away from what you were already working on to give us the time we needed fast. (in regard to a quick set of questions that we had right before interviewing with Summit Nyack)

Once again, we thank you.

M & G

I received and read what you sent to the Board of Ed, the impartial hearing request. You did a great job. It was very thorough and detailed and convincing. It is clear you really put in a lot of thought into it. I am not at all surprised that they offered to settle with such an eloquent piece of writing. I am really happy you are our new attorney!
Thank you so much.

In the spring, you had mentioned we might not need the firm’s services for this school year if he’s not at a SE school pursuing tuition reimbursement – rather this year, we’d be continuing his services outside of school. So with a pang of separation anxiety after five years of absolutely the best direction and advice we could have received – it seems a good time to give it a go on our own. We did not sign a contract for the year but I thought we may need to follow up formally in some way with the firm or find out if it is a problem to choose to work with the CSE on our own. And, I can’t say any of this without extending as I have before, my and my family’s heartfelt gratitude to you and your firm, to Sonia, to Marcie. We could not have gotten through the years without you.
Thank you, Regina, I could not be more grateful for your accessibility, your excellent advice, and your firm’s efforts on Andrew’s behalf. Again, Sonia’s direction – as well as Marcie’s responsiveness and follow-through – come immediately to mind. There is no doubt we’ve been blessed to have the very best watching out for Andrew’s needs.

My son was 4 when it felt like there was an overwhelming sea of information I could not navigate and the costs for his education and his uncertain future seemed insurmountable. When there was no one person to turn to, Regina was a shining star in the dark skies of turmoil I faced. Regina was honest and compassionate. She never painted a rosy picture and the challenges were clear, but together we charted a course, which 15 years later has led to my son’s successful academic experiences and his graduation from private high school with a Regional Diploma. There were times when “what was next” felt like we were scaling Everest, but her legal smarts and warm heart were always a part of the deal. Regina is incomparable in her field, and the members of her firm exemplify all that makes her more than attorney, an advocate of highest order, and a great ally. Robyn

My whole family is deeply indebted to her for going beyond the call of simple professional duty. We were lost in a maze of school choices and bureaucratic paperwork. As a busy attorney myself, I can always count on her to get me the answers I need and the right advice when I need it. I have never worked with another professional in whom I have more confidence and trust. Warm, caring and with a sense of “can do” at all times…….Simply put, best education attorney in the business! ………and best of all, it’s ALL TRUE. Love ya, Oz

Our experience with Regina Skyer and her team has been exceptional. As parents of a turning-five child with an ASD, we approached Regina with little understanding of our son’s options. With her extensive knowledge of the system, Regina guided us to the best possible program for our son, and then skillfully navigated the system together with her stellar team of professionals to ensure that there would be no interruptions to our son’s services and that he received the free and appropriate education he deserved from the city. Regina’s team was professional and kind, always one step ahead of the game, and compassionate and caring throughout. Our son is doing beautifully this year thanks to their efforts. We could not be happier! Samuel

Regina has represented our son’s interests with the Department of Education for 12 years. She has been an extremely effective advocate and very supportive of our family. When we decided to move our son out of his CSE-funded private school into a non-funded therapeutic boarding school, she guided us through the process, and successfully obtained substantial reimbursements for the two years he was there. She has been an angel for our family, and we are eternally grateful to her. Rich

Regina understands the needs of special needs kids and their parents. She (and her entire office) is a pleasure to work with. She is always professional, easy to reach, and responsive. Regina makes a daunting process much more manageable. Aaron, Client of 4 years

Thank you – as we get closer to this being the last time we need to do this in case I forget later I want to thank you for being such great advocate for us over the years. This has worked out well for us every year and I know that happens because of you. Mark

Working with Regina Skyer’s office over the last two years has been the difference between utter confusion and clarity. Regina and her staff know the special education system inside and out and work diligently to help you get your child into the most advantageous educational setting possible. They are, in my opinion THE firm to use if you have a special needs child in K-12. Mark and Nina