Magda Labonté graduated from Wesleyan University in May of 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Theory and Theater.  Upon graduation, she worked as an Associate Teacher at an independent school in Manhattan.  Afterward, she pursued a degree in Drama Therapy from New York University and graduated with a Master of Arts in 2005.   Seeking to fulfill her passion to teach children with special needs, Magda went on to join the New York City Teaching Fellows Program.  Through this program, she pursued a Master of Science in Teaching in both General Education and Students with Disabilities for grades 1-6 while simultaneously teaching in NYC Department of Education’s District 75 program.  She graduated in September of 2007.   She later went on to teach self-contained and Integrated Co-Teaching classes in the community school setting.  In order to further her career as and serve as an advocate for students with special needs, she decided to pursue a law degree from St. John’s University School of Law while continuing to work as an educator.  After earning her Juris Doctor in 2012, Magda accepted the role as a special education administrator at a NYC charter high school.   In July of 2014, Magda accepted a position with the NYC Department of Education within its Impartial Hearing Representation Office.  As an Impartial Hearing Representative, Magda was provided with the foundation needed to pursue a career in Special Education Law.

Magda joined our law office as an Associate Attorney in May of 2016 and is now using her varying expertise to contribute a unique perspective to our team. 

While Magda has worked in several valuable positions throughout her career, her most important role is being a mother. She currently lives on Long Island with her son, Channing.