We work with the parents of children ranging in age from newborn through twenty-one.  “Our children” have a variety of diagnoses and classifications, all of which impact on their development and educational opportunities.  Our children come from loving homes where their parents are closely involved in their education and lives, willing to make sacrifices in order to achieve the kind of quality services and programs that will promote their child reaching his or her potential.


“Our Children” can have any number of diagnoses or conditions, these can include: ADD and ADHD; Apraxia; Autism Spectrum Disorder; Asperger Syndrome; Pervasive Developmental Disorder; Emotional Disturbance; Bi-Polar Disorder; Depression; Mood Disorder; Oppositional Defiant Disorder;  Deafness and Hearing Impairments; Speech and Language Disorders; Central Auditory Processing Disorder; Dyslexia; Learning Disabilities; Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities; Executive Functioning Disorders; Genetic Disorders; Fragile X Syndrome; Sensory Integration Disorder; Traumatic Brain Injury; Mental Retardation; Cancer; Brain Tumors; Tourette Syndrome;  Schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.

If a child has an IEP, the classifications recognized in New York State are:  Autism; Deafness; Deaf-blindness; Emotional Disturbance (ED); Hearing impairment; Learning Disability (LD); Mental retardation; Multiple disabilities; Orthopedic impairment; Other health-impairment (OHI); Speech or Language Impairment; Traumatic Brain Injury; Visual Impairment Including Blindness.


Some parents seek our advice and services at the beginning of their child’s entry into special education, this would be at either the early intervention level or at the pre-school level.  Other parents need our services for their school age child, when he or she is not succeeding in general education.  That usually occurs by the time a child is in second or third grade, and the academic challenges become pronounced.  And, some parents, particularly those with adolescent children, find us when emotional problems severely impact on their child’s overall functioning and they are considering a residential school or treatment center placement.  At whatever point in their child’s life, when parents need us we are there, we can arrange an initial appointment within days of your initial call.