What type of law do you practice ? -  Regina Skyer & Assoc. deals exclusively with matters pertaining to the education of children from birth through 21. We do what is known as special education advocacy and litigation. This means that our professional staff not only represents parents at due process impartial hearings and appeals, but we help and guide parents through the entire evaluation and placement process, and assist in all aspects of funding. In addition we represent children at suspension hearings and manifest determinations.

What is the role of an attorney in a special education case ? - 

An attorney is your advocate during the entire process from evaluation to development of an IEP to the securing the appropriate special education school and services for your child. The attorney assesses your case and provides guidance and counsel to your family on an appropriate options and the best course of action, particularly when it comes to seeking reimbursement or funding for private programs.

Many of our clients need to fully understand their rights, options and entitlements. Once they have this information they are better equipped to navigate through this complex system.  For other clients they anticipate or are already in dispute with their school district.

The attorneys at Skyer Law understand how to read evaluation reports and we have an extensive list of highly qualified and skilled experts in the field.  Our knowledge of appropriate and available resources in the New York City area and surrounding suburbs is unparalleled.  At Skyer Law our primary goal is to help our clients successfully resolve their disputes without having the aggravation and expense of litigation and appeal.  When this is simply not possible our team of skilled and aggressive litigators will represent you at the formal due process hearing and any subsequent appeal.

Is an attorney my only option ?

The quick answer to this question is no.  In some instances parents can manage and handle their own case.  There are many such situations where after a consultation meeting where we have outlined the issues and options of resolution parents can go back to their district and work out their differences.  

The longer answer to this question is that each case is different and that an answer can only be given after a full assessment of the facts and issues made with a client at an initial consultation.

How do I work with Regina Skyer & Associates ? - We are available at (212) 532-9736 to setup an appointment.  You can also reach us by email on info@skyerlaw.com.  After your initial consultation you will be assigned to a specific attorney/case manager.  This person is your point person and will promptly respond to your emails and be available to discuss your case.

Should I bring my child to the initial consultation ?We do not recommend doing this.  This initial appointment is critical in terms of assessment and strategic planning and requires our undivided attention.  While we enjoy meeting “our clients” a better way of doing this if you want to is to bring your youngster into the offices at some future time, just to say hello.

What are your fees ?Our fees will be discussed with you when you come in for your consultation appointment or when you call Ben and arrange this meeting.

What are you hours of operation ? At Skyer Law we understand the needs of busy parents and we have a commitment to being responsive to our clients, therefore our hours of operation are very flexible.  Our offices are officially open from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm.  Our switchboard closes at 5:30 pm.  We are open Monday through Friday and we are closed on federal holidays.