From identification to placement, Skyer Law is the premier NYC law firm dedicated to guiding parents of children with special needs through every aspect of the special education process in NYC and surrounding suburban areas in New York State.   Our firm is well known in New York City as well as Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Rockland County.

We help parents in the identification process by finding appropriate evaluators; explaining the meaning and implication of reports; reviewing all documentation relevant to the child; referring parent to appropriate providers, schools and programs; and most importantly settling or litigating for funding or reimbursement of school/program tuition.

Our knowledge is extensive from Early Intervention to Post High School options.  We maintain close relationships with the premier professionals in the field of child development, autism, learning disabilities and mental health.

We believe that our success rate is unparalleled at the Committee on Special Education (“CSE”), Impartial Hearing or Settlement level, where we represent every child as though they were our own.

Our team of lawyers are accessible to their clients, responsive to their concerns and available to answer questions and explain the process.  In addition to individual representation at Impartial Hearings and CSE reviews we do appeals at the State Review Level and in Federal Court.

Our team of full time paralegals process reimbursement claims as promptly as possible and we maintain a sophisticated computer tracking system for archiving materials and processing payments.