Pursuing Health Insurance Reimbursements for Your Child’s Therapies

Advice from an Insurance Law Expert             

Recently, the Skyer Law team participated in an in-house professional development seminar that focused on how our clients may be able to pursue their health insurance plans to obtain insurance payments for their child’s therapies and related services. 

The training was provided by leading insurance attorney, Jodi Bouer, the founding partner of Bouer Law LLC, a national insurance advocacy and litigation firm headquartered in Princeton, NJ.    

The major takeaway:  Although parents should primarily pursue services under the IDEA, they should also concurrently explore accessing health insurance reimbursements for supplemental services outside of an educational setting, which are deemed medically necessary. 

For more information and to seek guidance on whether to pursue reimbursements for your child’s therapies under your health insurance plan or to determine whether you should fight your insurer’s denial of your child’s therapeutic services, please call Jodi Bouer at 609-924-3990.