Guidance Transfers

DOE Policy Change: “Guidance Transfers” are Now an Option

 by Ashley Barad

          Surely, anyone who has tried to seek options for transferring between New York City Schools knows that it is no easy feat. For more than a decade, the Department of Education has restricted transfers for students, granting them only in the case of serious safety risks, medical issues, or even extreme commutes. According to the DOE, limiting school transfers was meant to benefit students, since it would ensure a consistent academic environment for students from year to year.

           However, recent reports show that the barriers placed on school transfers have negative outcomes for students. Several students found themselves unable to switch out of violent schools if they could not prove themselves to be personal victims of violence, and others were forced to remain in specialized high schools whose limited course offerings no longer satisfied their changing interests.

          While there are certainly still restrictions in place, it will now be a little bit easier to switch your child’s school placements. Last Wednesday, the Panel for Educational Policy declared that parents can request a “guidance transfer” if their child “is not progressing or achieving academically or socially.” According to this policy, officials will be able to request and review evidence on a case-by-case basis, and district superintendents will approve transfers requested for academic accommodations.


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