School Bus Transportation

If your child is eligible for bus transportation, you can now check their route on the Office of Pupil Transportation website by selecting the link to “Find Student Transportation Information.” 

You will then need to enter your child’s birth date, and their nine-digit NYC ID, also called the OSIS number.  You can find your child’s ID number on their IEP, public school report card, or the first page of your Stipulation agreement.   

From there, you will see a webpage which includes:

          The bus company name; which will be displayed on the side of the school
 bus picking up your child. 

The bus route number; take note of this number, as you will be asked to
 reference it when making inquiries. 

          Time of the start of the route; this is the time that the first rider on the bus
 will be picked up.

          The sequence of your child’s pick-up; this is the number of students,
 including your child, who will have been picked up once your child boards the bus.  For example, Sequence = 8, means that seven other students were picked up before your child, who is the eighth to be picked up.

          If your child’s information is not listed on the website, email or call OPT.

Additional Tips

          While the bus company staff will be in their offices very early in the morning, it is not uncommon to be placed on hold for a very long time – if your call is even answered.  Start calling early and be prepared to hit redial.

          Be ready for unpredictable route fluctuations for at least the first two weeks of school.  Make morning and afternoon arrangements as necessary, and be prepared to wait.

          If your child is attending their school for the first time, it is a good idea to take them yourself on the first few days.  Inquire with the school directly so you are aware of their morning drop-off procedures.

          It may also be helpful to be at the school at dismissal time, so you can speak directly with the driver and bus matron to confirm details for the next morning’s pick-up.

          Finally, many of our parents have purchased GPS tracking devices to monitor their child’s location in real time.  Being able to track your child’s progress to and from school allows you to manage logistics more efficiently, and can also provide you with a peace of mind.