The Squeaky Wheel: An Update on 2016-17 Tuition Reimbursement Settlements

I hate to be a kicker,
I always long for peace,
But the wheel that does the squeaking,
Is the one that gets the grease.
— Josh Billings (1870)


I couldn’t have said it better. Our squeaking and the emails our clients have sent, and continue to send, to their City Councilmembers are helping to expedite the execution of stipulations and outstanding reimbursement payments.  Following our October 17th open letter to City Council leadership, scores of stipulations that were sitting on desks at the Department of Education (DOE) for months, just waiting for a counter signature, are finally being signed and sent back to our offices as fully executed. 

Similarly, reimbursement payments are once again flowing into our escrow account and 48 hours later being mailed clients.  We are relieved to see this movement on both fronts, but the battle is far from over.

Last Friday our accounting staff and paralegals prepared a comprehensive financial update, which we are providing to the finance division of the Department of Education tomorrow morning.  Our memo breaks down in detail what monies are still due to which of our clients.  We will continue to write weekly reports to the DOE until all the stipulations are all executed, and if the flow of payments seems to slow down we will call on you again to call and email the City Council once more and make noise in the media too.

But for now, the squeak has traveled up to the Mayor (who is running for re-election next year and needs all the goodwill he can get) and we are hopeful that all our clients will get their due reimbursements without too much more of a delay.