2015-2016 Settlements Update

We are working diligently to effectuate tuition reimbursement payments for our clients for the 2015-2016 school year. Unfortunately, the New York City Comptroller, who is responsible for reviewing and approving all settlements, is not adhering to the Mayor’s policy to expedite settlements between parents and the NYC Department of Education (See our June 25, 2014 blog to learn more about the Mayor's Policy: de Blasio Policy Update).

This is resulting in a widespread delay in the settlement process. Despite the persistent follow-up undertaken by our staff, the Comptroller’s Office remains non-responsive to our requests to ascertain the status of settlements. 

In the hope of putting additional pressure on the city, we encourage you - the parent - to contact the Comptroller’s Office directly to request that the Comptroller expedite the review of your child’s settlement. Once you reach the Comptroller’s Office you will most likely be told that, since you have retained counsel, it is your counsel that must make contact with the Comptroller’s Office. We know this, but we also know that squeaky wheels get oiled. As a result, we believe that if enough parents make noise, the Comptroller’s Office will have no choice but to listen.

You can reach the Office of the Comptroller at (212) 669-3916. Please provide the Comptroller’s Office with your child’s nine-digit NYC ID Number and Date of Birth.