Happy Holidays from The Law Offices of Regina Skyer & Associates, LLP

In this season of gratitude, as we reflect on all we have in our lives, we are humbled and truly grateful to be able to spend our days in the service of so many amazing children and their families. Every day, when you come into our offices, we are inspired and energized by your determination to fight for your children. We are all called to do our part to build a brighter tomorrow—but you, our parent clients, are the warriors.

Despite all that is ill in this world, we hope that this may be a moment of cultural awakening to neurodiversity, respect for those with physical differences, and greater recognition of the potential of those who learn, grow, and appear differently. We are buoyed by movies like Wonder, an explosion of television shows like Speechless and The Good Doctor, and too many good books to count—including the incredible Judith Newman’s bestselling 2017 memoir To Siri with Love: A Mother, Her Autistic Son, and the Kindness of Machines (she just happens to be a client of the firm!). These cultural touchstones matter; they allow the rest of society to adopt a different point of view and move towards empathy and understanding.

On the legal front, this was likewise a watershed year. The Supreme Court’s Endrew F. decision in March unanimously affirmed what we have long fought for: that “every child should have the chance to meet challenging objectives.” The impact of this historic ruling will be felt across the nation for generations. School districts are on notice that accepting the bare minimum in educational progress for children with IEPs is no longer acceptable in the United States of America.

Things are shifting, and you are an important part of this shift. Not just for what you do to secure your child the education they need and deserve, but also in all those less-noticed moments when you take the time to educate an ill-informed neighbor, make a fuss and demand equal access for your child in the community, call your legislators about policy issues affecting kids with special education needs, or call out discrimination when you see it. As you clear the path of clutter, you may not see the next parent and the next child who walks along the path, but they travel more easily because of your efforts.

Some of you have children who are able to tell you that they appreciate your fierceness and your love. Others may not hear these words spoken; but we promise you: they know. As a child, you know when someone has your back. You know when you are loved and when you are cared for.

But you still deserve to hear it. So we will say it: Thank you for all you do for your children.

From all of us at the Law Offices of Regina Skyer & Associates, have a wonderful holiday season!

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